Bowhouse food production, Fife

"Start up and scale up food production in Fife"

This project is for the regeneration and conversion of an existing farm steading in Fife to form a food production hub that will enable both ‘start up’ and ‘scale up’ businesses to produce food and drink related produce from a dedicated premises.

The ethos of the project aims to kick start a vibrant local community that promotes food from Fife by developing better connections between the business of the area. This would improve community opportunities to access local food, develop the identity of the area and set the area up as a destination for food tourism.

The project was split into three phases with phase 1 completed in early 2017. This set up 6 commercial food production units, a brewery and a market hall that operates a monthly food festival showcasing producers from the region through upgrading and conversion of the existing buildings.

Phase 2 is currently on site to provide additional production units, a cafe and a fitness centre.

Phase 3 is currently at the detail design stage for an infill glazed atrium that will provide spill out space for the cafe and additional market and events space.

  • Location: Fife, Scotland