Warming Hut

In August 2012, Konishi Gaffney entered the yearly competition Warming Huts. This was our proposal:

Our proposal was inspired by ice crevasses that expose secret, calm and beautiful spaces, normally hidden beneath the ice.

From a distance our hut would be hidden, except for a light plume of smoke and warm glow from the log burner. Up close, the experience would be of surprise, interest and humour.

The crevasse would provide a comfortable and atmospheric environment, naturally sheltered and warmed by the thermal mass of the river. The room can be partially or fully closed up for security or in poor weather.

For safety, we included adjustable sand ballast as the floor finish and compressible gaskets to eliminate risk of overloading, while banks of snow protect from accidental falls.

Fabricated from 10mm steel plate with stiffener flanges, the huts is ballasted and anchored in position for the skating season. The crevasse was sized to fit a predetermined skid, provided by The Forks.