31 January 2019

Planning Appeal Granted (another one)

One of our projects for a listed building in the Grange was refused listed building consent (but did receive planning permission) in 2018 in a decision many found incomprehensible. The client appealed and this week won that appeal with the reporter’s comments feeling like vindication for our design approach:

“Whilst the proposal is clearly a modern intervention, I consider that the appellant’s architects have sought to ensure to that it does not jar with the listed building whilst avoiding pastiche design solutions. The eaves height of the proposed extension lines up with the eaves of the conservatory and the roof on the east side of the conservatory and I consider that this provides a balance to the south elevation when viewed from the garden area. The use of stained charcoal cedar cladding ties in with the dark stained sandstone which is a feature of the building and, similarly, with the existing dark timber eaves and finials. I therefore consider that the proposals provide a positive relationship with other
parts of the building.”