28 July 2022

Greyfriars Charteris Centre in the Architects’ Journal

Our Charteris Centre published in the Architects’ Journal today.

Behind a paywall but snippet right >


“Konishi Gaffney identified how best to achieve this and skilfully executed their proposals on site… The main entrance has been carefully slotted in between parts of the existing building giving it a definite street presence externally and, internally, all parts of the building are visually opened up to the entrance hall, both horizontally and vertically, welcoming the visitor in, get their bearings and move on through the building.

As well as these practical solutions to the design the interior detailing has been handled exquisitely by Konishi Gaffney.  The new elements of the design, mainly made from a limited palette of glass and wood, sit sympathetically with the original building, delicately layered over the original features allowing a very contemporary aesthetic without covering up the past”.

Johnnie Webster – Charteris Centre