13th May 2016

Progress on fabrication of the Edinburgh Pop-Up Pavilion
Link to Project description.

13th May 2016

We are deighted to report that we won the competition to design the Edinburgh Pavilion for the Pop Up Cities Expo being held in Edinburgh over the summer this year. Part of the 2016 Festival of Architecture programme. More information here:

29th April 2016

Very well written article by Archinect journalist Robert Urquhart.
Link to the full article with pictures.

20th April 2016

Amazingly blue skies as this Edinburgh house nears completion.

11th April 2016

KGA in Vegan Life magazine. Thought only architects used words like haptic

24th March 2016

We've been shortlisted for the 2016 EAA small projects Award

22nd March 2016

On site nearing completion

10th March 2016

Sculpture installed at coffee shop fit out.

5th February 2016

KGA shortlisted for the prestigious Architect's Journal small projects award
link to AJ article (paywall)

1st February 2016

Sculpture in progress as part of a coffee shop fitout, Edinburgh

25th January 2016

We have gone out to tender on this tall extension
Sketch by work experience student Haruka Kitamura.

25th January 2016

Submisison for EAA small projects award 2016

19th January 2016

Progress on new house at Ravelston in Edinburgh.
Eco credentials include ground source heat pump, 200mm external insulation and integrated solar panels.

11th January 2016
We've been shortlisted for an RIBA housing competition in Brighton.
Six family houses in a complex backland site.

Link to RIBA
competition site.
Link to Architect's Journal press review.

2nd December 2015

Maquette at 1:4 for coffee shop interior and furniture
made by Johannes Sailer

23rd November 2015

Site visit to rural fife, lovely pink wheelbarrows

18th November 2015

We just received planning permission for this house in Wandsworth.

5th November 2015

Our new office is taking shape. Should be complete next week.
If anyone is looking for desk space we have some avalable.

22nd October 2015

Work is progressing on our new house in Ravelston, Edinburgh. The roof has a scissor truss and whitewashed ceiling; the windows a super horizontal proportion.

5th September 2015

Uploaded 4 recently photographed projects to this website:
Sunken extension
Beach bach
Iroko extension

21st August 2015

Example of wood stain before and after and the lovely joinery in a Grade A listed house in Edinburgh's New Town.

17th June 2015

Konishi Gaffney won a prestigious RIAS award for our Regent Street Dormer

13th May 2015

Work starts on our house in the Ravelston area of Edinburgh.
The idea was to connect front and rear gardens with a Japanese sense of space.

2nd April 2015

We've been published on ArchDaily one our favourite architecture sites.

2nd April 2015

Open roof design for a house extension near our office in Leith

30th March 2015

Konishi Gaffney have been shortlisted for an RIAS/RIBA architecture award 2015. Available on the AJ website [paywall]

News also published on Dezeen

27th March 2015

Almost finished on this little extension in Portobello

23rd March 2015

Work in progress on zinc roof in Edinburgh with specialist rooflight.
(The white covering sheets will come off soon).
13th March 2015

Work in progress on extension in The Grange, Edinburgh.

27th February 2015

New house and steading conversion site in the Scottish Borders.

11th February 2015

Roof structure (which will be exposed) in the morning light

5th February 2015

We're radically altering a 1970's house in Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Self-builder installed the windows yesterday. Starting in spring we're insulating and over cladding in larch.

5th January 2015

Our model in the RSA Open Exhibition which runs until 20th January 2015.

19th November 2014

The venerable RIBA Journal asked us to share our 3 favourite specifications.

31st October 2014

External insulation to an old Victorian cottage.
Planning to do more of this: an easy and efficient way to insulate existing buildings.
Here we have a further counter batten and more insulation to go on top.

30th October 2014

Extension with a big picture window starts to take shape.

23rd October 2014

I tend to like buildings in construction as much as when finished.
Here green pressure treated battens and light from the roof.

12th September 2014

We currently have 4 projects in various stages of construction.
This one in the Grange area of Edinburgh topping out next week with a huge skylight.

11th September 2014
Sandblasted timber

We are sandblasting larch cladding to raise the grain on a small house extension in Edinburgh, then washing the cladding black. It's very exciting.

4th July 2014

German architecture magazine "Detail" publishes our Dormer project over 4 pages. That is defintely a career goal achieved!

29th May 2014


We had some good press recently. The Sunday Times found us to be in the top 10 "architect provocateurs" in the UK. Especially good as 8 of the 10 were London based and we were the only practice from Scotland.

25th April 2014

We've been very busy recently working on some exciting projects.
This one a house in Galashields in the Scottish Borders on a very steep site.

5th March 2014

We've been shortlisted for an EAA small projects award for this garden office & house alteration in Portobello in Edinburgh. We are currently working as Architects in Fife

25th February 2014

Our dormer in Regent Street is published on Dezeen

14th February 2014

We've been shortlisted for the prestigious AJ small projects award
[and on valentines day, can't you feel the love?]

12th February 2014

Konishi Gaffney are moving to our own new and bigger offices.
[17th Century former thatched cottage]

132 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6AJ

All other contact details remaining the same.

5th February 2014

Makiko's maquette for folding furniture at 1:15.

28th January 2014

Rosefield and Regent St Dormer projects submitted for the EAA small projects award.

17th January 2014

Our Regent Street dormer in the Architect's Journal Building Library.
LINK (but may require a login).

17th January 2014

We are very pleased to have been invited along with 5 other (bigger and longer established) pratices to submit design ideas in a design competition for the reburbishment and extension of the Village Hall in Heriot, Scottish Borders.

9th January 2014 [Year of the Horse]

Welcome to our new employee, Euan Gray, a brilliant young architect aiming to get his part III with us. Euan's career has been varied & hands on including this yoga studio (pictured above) which he designed and self built as owner of the wildhutte design company.

Euan's experience and personal research into hutting ties in with our interests and I hope Euan will push on our research in that field.

link to Euan's pechakucha about hutting in February 2012.

Konishi Gaffney are Award Winning Edinburgh Architects also working in The Scottish Borders, Fife & East Lothian